From an early age, Lindsay Mikesell was enchanted by the world of hair & beauty, drawing her first influences through fashion publications and film.  With over a decade of training and experience, Lindsay has honed her expertise for precision hair design and makeup artistry, creating a successful brand as a driving force in the fashion and beauty industries.

Lindsay is regularly present at major fashion events across the country, having led shows at Lincoln Center for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  She has worked on countless teams for shows in New York City and Miami, assisting artists such as Paul Hanlon and Mark Hampton.  Clients include MAC Cosmetics, LA-based designers, Mark and Estel & The Limited Brands to name a few.  Lindsay has an extensive background in platform artistry, educating beauty professionals across the country at events such as the International Beauty Show and the Premiere Beauty Classic for brands including DermOrganic and John Paul Mitchell Systems.  Before completing her education, Lindsay was recognized as one of the Top 100 Most Talented & Emerging Students in the United States by the Professional Beauty Association.

Lindsay draws inspiration from music, fashion, nature and architecture.  A true artist in every sense, Lindsay’s passion for her craft is unmistakeable and continues to make her a sought after professional in the industry.