In a Nutshell

A blowout is so much more than someone washing and blow drying your hair. It is about making you feel confident and ready for life without sweating the small stuff like "not having good hair day." Or it's making you feel pretty when you don't usually view yourself that way. Perhaps, above everything else, it [...]

Why The Ladies Love Blowdry Cafe

"I went to The Blowdry Cafe for my junior prom with a picture of what I wanted in mind. Lexie did my hair perfectly and exactly  how I wanted it.  It was fun and creative!! I absolutely loved my hair and received so many compliments and questions about where I got it done!!!" Maddie Heck [...]

The Blowdry Cafe: Taking the "Blowout Salon" Concept to the Next Level Blowout salons have taken the beauty industry by storm and it's no wonder why:  you get a professional, long-lasting style that is generally affordable and takes less than an hour.  As a professional hairstylist, educator and makeup artist of over 10yrs, I've learned [...]

Summer Lovin’: Hair to Wear for Every Summer Event!

Summer is almost here!  My favorite time of year, not only because the weather is divine, but because there's so much to do!  I live for summer hairstyles.  They look so effortless and whimsical!  Get excited for beachy waves and braids, because this blog highlights some of the coolest, most chic ways to wear your [...]

Spring Cleaning: Get Rid of Your Hair Probs!

 It's that time of year, out with the old and in with the new... hair, that is! Winter is over and your hair is more than likely ready for an update. Here's a guide to tackling your most common hair woes and easy tips to bring your hair back to life!  Prob #1: Frizz Whether [...]

Where to get a Blowout?

You may have noticed the blowout trend is actually not a trend at all. Blowouts have quickly become a beauty staple and necessity for today's modern woman. Having access to a blowout salon that specializes primarily in the art of styling not only makes life easier and more manageable, but also saves an incredible amount [...]

Must Have Beauty Products: Splurge and Save

Luxury beauty products have such a magnetic allure. Their claims of youth coupled with the fancy packaging can reel you in all on their own. There are many products on the market with a high price tag that are worth every penny and I have highlighted those below. However, the spendy items may not always [...]

Top 5 Reasons to Visit The Blowdry Cafe

Whether you're addicted to blowouts or a first-timer, here's the lowdown on why The Blowdry Cafe is pure magic! 1. The Vibe I know for a fact that no one, not anyone, likes walking into a sterile, uppity salon where it feels like the entire staff views you as some sort of intruder. There is truly [...]