LOCAL BREWS (signature blowouts and styles) | $40

Smoothie: Simple and smooth
French Press: Sleek and straight
Cappuccino: Loose curls
Spiced Chai:  Messy beachy waves
Macchiato:  Big hair with volume

Expresso:  Dry style with no wash (come with clean, dry hair)| $25

Café Au Lait: Up-do (come with clean, dry hair)| $75
Half -Caff:  Half up, half down (come with clean, dry hair)| $50

Crown Braid:  (come in with clean, dry hair) $45

Skinny Latte (no wash): Ages 3 to 10 | $20
Skinny Latte (wash included): Ages 3 to 10 | $25
Skinny Latte Au Lait (no wash): 10 and under up-do | $35

Cup of Joe:  Men’s style (5 minute scalp massage included) | $20


Added Cream
Flavor Shot
Stir Stick
The Travel Mug
Olaplex Treatment

Smoothie | Simple and Smooth

French Press | Sleek and Straight

Cappuccino | Loose Curls

Spiced Chai | Messy Beachy Waves

Macchiato | Big Hair with Volume

Skinny Latte | Ages 3 to 12

The Blowdry Cafe has a 24 hour cancellation policy.  You will be charged 50% of your service fee with less than a 24 hour cancellation notice and 100% of your service fee for a no show.