The Blowdry Cafe: Taking the “Blowout Salon” Concept to the Next Level

Blowout salons have taken the beauty industry by storm and it’s no wonder why:  you get a professional, long-lasting style that is generally affordable and takes less than an hour.  As a professional hairstylist, educator and makeup artist of over 10yrs, I’ve learned throughout my career that the experience offered to clients is just as, if not more, important as the end result.

No one likes to feel rushed.  While I love that a blowout is a somewhat quick and easy service, I also don’t want to feel as though I’m one of many clients in an “assembly line” styling salon. I want to feel taken care of, pampered and know that my individual concerns are met.  The Blowdry Cafe has been the only blowout salon I’ve encountered that truly takes this idea of a luxurious experience into account.

When receiving a Signature Style at The Blowdry Cafe, you don’t just point to what you want and hope for the best.  There’s a thorough consultation, a reclining and relaxing shampoo/scalp massage, and a fabulous style all while receiving styling tips to product recommendations based on your specific needs.

The Blowdry Cafe was one of the first blowout salons to ever offer full service makeup applications.  There is always a professional makeup artist on staff to handle everything from eyelash application to full blown makeovers and special event artistry.  Stylists receive ongoing training in both hair and makeup, from every day styles to recreating high fashion, bridal and editorial looks.  The beauty industry is ever changing, always evolving and this team of creatives has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening so they can deliver fresh and modern results with each guest.  The stylists are regularly involved in local fashion shows and photo shoots, as well.

Education is a huge part of The Blowdry Cafe and I’ve never seen another salon offer such specialized classes for not only clients, but other hairstylists as well!  Talk about giving back to the community!  They have regular classes with makeup and hair, from skin focus classes to mother-daughter braiding classes, how fun is that?!  They also offer our specialized blowout training to stylists from full-service salons who want to up the ante on their own blowout skills. This team truly is the authority when it comes to styling, top notch.

Plus who doesn’t want to support awesome, female business owners!  Ashley Blackstone and Jessica Daniels have seen the importance of partnering with local vendors for added appeal and community support.  Inside the salon you will find The Boutique Truck pop-up shop, a local, female owned business where you can stock up on the the freshest clothes, jewelry and accessories.  Several “Girls Night” events are held at the salon throughout the year (if you haven’t been to one yet, you must go!) to promote local businesses and really just to have a great time.

So what makes The Blowdry Cafe so special?  The experience offered. The range of services offered. The knowledge. The education. Their connection to the community.  I am so excited to have helped mold this salon during my time spent as Master Stylist and Educator.  I can’t wait to see where Ashley and Jessica take it next!  We invite you to come in and share this specialized experience with us.


By Lindsay Wolf

Stylist | Makeup Artist | Blogger