An amazing year to say the least!  March 1st marked our one year anniversary!  Thank you!  Our idea turned reality was an incredible feat, but the pure blessing of the process is indescribable.  Our constant support system, loyal clientele, and incredible staff is our SUCCESS.  We never anticipated knowing and loving so many amazing women.  The challenges are real, but so is the passion for our business.  We truly love this industry, our salon, our clients, and our incredible staff.  Here are some photos that represent our first year with many more to come!   IMG_6590IMG_6518IMG_6519IMG_5927IMG_6253IMG_6106IMG_6069IMG_8972IMG_8971IMG_8705IMG_8819IMG_8865IMG_7563IMG_7561IMG_7566IMG_6793IMG_0461IMG_0569IMG_0503IMG_6687IMG_6663IMG_6941IMG_6945IMG_6703IMG_5424IMG_7771IMG_7772IMG_7891IMG_7867IMG_7814IMG_7795IMG_8264IMG_8409IMG_8591IMG_9386IMG_9506IMG_9521IMG_9574IMG_9573IMG_9563IMG_9644IMG_9732IMG_9734IMG_9760IMG_0623 IMG_5443 IMG_5464 IMG_5614 IMG_0782 IMG_0787 IMG_0798 IMG_0811 IMG_0818 IMG_0820