A blowout is so much more than someone washing and blow drying your hair. It is about making you feel confident and ready for life without sweating the small stuff like “not having good hair day.” Or it’s making you feel pretty when you don’t usually view yourself that way. Perhaps, above everything else, it is about convenience. You might be in a time crunch or maybe you have had a recent surgery preventing you from styling your own hair. You might have long hair, short hair, fine hair, course hair or thick hair that just takes forever to style. We feel your pain, we have all been there. All hair types present with their own challenges that we, here at BDC, are trained to address. We appreciate all your reasons for visiting us and welcome you with open arms.

Yes, our concept is based on offering a product that makes you feel good and provides convenience! However, we are concerned with your entire experience, not just the finished product. Our customer service is key! We know that we can’t please everyone 100% of the time, although we always TRY! But, we can make sure you know that you are welcomed and appreciated at Blowdry Cafe! The time invested in executing ways to make your experience the VERY BEST is immeasurable. It is daily and it is constant. You are always on our mind! We LOVE our clients!