The Blowdry Cafe’s own Shanda Ridgeway and Emily Davis rocked October’s RAW showcase at The Shadowbox Live.   It was a Gothic Glam Wedding Theme with models unveiling a dark yet glamorous wedding day look.  Each look described an edgy and fun style meant for The Runway!   The time and creativity required for this event could only be produced by True Natural Born Artists!  The Photos speak for themselves! IMG_8893 IMG_8883 IMG_8825 IMG_8826 IMG_8821 IMG_8979 IMG_8978 IMG_8910 IMG_8871 IMG_8815 IMG_8818 IMG_8873 IMG_8858 IMG_8860 IMG_8865 IMG_8854 IMG_8851 IMG_8820 IMG_8822 IMG_8823 IMG_8804 IMG_8806 IMG_8808 IMG_8810 IMG_8809 IMG_8983 IMG_8982 IMG_8981 IMG_8980 IMG_8971 IMG_8972 IMG_8968 IMG_8969 IMG_8970 IMG_8976 IMG_8975 IMG_8973 IMG_8977 IMG_8866 IMG_8783